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We are a 2D and 3D visualization company focused on integrated architectural solutions, developing architectural plans for Bogota and major cities, set plans, realistic renderings, architectural design, architectural animations.

Architectural plans are for Arqydiseño the result of arranging a space with architectural qualities, fulfilling the function and at the same time being sensational.

Architectural Plans

It is the graphic representation of a construction implemented in architectural plans with a top view of all floors or levels, facades, cuts and details. It is the architectural development of a space qualifying functionality and aesthetics. For this development there are specific parameters that help every building to have an order of living spaces and transition spaces, which is as functional as possible, and on the other hand there are different qualities that can be applied to a design so that it shares its functionality and is aesthetically unique.  

Development of a good Architectural Plan

For an architectural space to be functional and aesthetic we present the following items for an excellent architectural development.

  1. At this point, the normative space to be worked on is defined in an architectural plan, showing a sketch of the final design.
  2. Develops the circulation of the floor project and that of the fixed point (stairs), which are the connectors to social and private spaces of the dwelling.
  3. Divide the living space depending on the functionality, if it is a house the spaces to be divided would be living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom with private bathroom, secondary bedrooms with social bathroom.
  4. With spaces defined with harmony, order, continuity, desired height, comfort, this way your spaces will be welcoming according to your wishes.

First Floor Architectural Plan

Planos arquitectónicos Bogotá Electricos

Example of Architectural Plans Bogota, the floor plan shows its function between commercial and private.

Second Floor Architectural Plan

Planos arquitectónicos Bogotá Electricos

Example of Architectural Plans Bogota of a second floor of a house where the fixed point of the private is set aside.

Third floor architectural plan

Planos arquitectónicos Bogotá Electricos

Example of Architectural Plans Bogotá of a third-floor house with three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and social bathroom.

Architectural Plans 

Characteristics of a house with a good Architectural Plan

The space for a house must have qualities that thrill the senses and encourage to be there either for its tranquility, warmth, uniformity or the harmony and beauty that is perceived and indeed it is pleasant to be there, these qualities are reflected thanks that should exist in a good architectural design.
Next, we will see what these characteristics are and in effect be able to implement them in the home of our dreams.

  1. Orientation to sun. All housing should be inspired to its location or implantation with respect to the sun, because at certain times of the day it is necessary for the sun to illuminate directly or indirectly depending on the need. For example, in the bedrooms the sun should illuminate in the mornings because in these hours it becomes a very important ingredient for health or indirectly in the afternoon hours, the sun should impact the tectonic zone or backing of the rooms in order to save heat for the night.
  2. Adaptation to context: The house in its exterior and interior tectonic qualities must be adapted to the other houses or neighboring buildings, this means that they should share some aesthetic systems. Unlike urbanizations that choose as a model a house without being able to modify its facades whose materials and aesthetic form are the same, the adaptation to the context is undoubtedly a construction that is not the same but not different from the perception of the place.
  3. Importance of the nature: Every building should give importance to vegetation either in its interior courtyards or on its facades, this is so significant for the people who live there as it is a very important contribution to health and if we give importance to vegetation, we should also give importance to natural ventilation, which generates these spaces with nature, we want open spaces to be as important as buildings and of equal importance.
  4. Height managemen: The height is very important for a space to be inhabited, since we recommend a minimum clear height of 2.4 meters for these dwellings, without looking at commercial functionality that can carry different height, from a certain point of view, it also generates tranquility and comfort. In social spaces such as living or dining rooms and in shopping malls, it is ideal to handle double height to give the space amplitude, does not mean that it is a rule of architectural design since it can be managed with the height needed as well as the functional one..
  5. Wide spacesThe house must be cozy since it must manage ample spaces for both private and social areas, how important it is to have an extra space in an alcove to place an armchair and read a book next to the balcony as it generates comfort. In the same way we explain that spaciousness for spaces means everything for architecture. We see this during the time and management that has been given to architecture, both contemporary and modern architecture. all attach too much importance to large and comfortable spaces.
  6. Order, Rhythm and Modulation: The facade is our presentation and to a certain extent reflects our personality and so we must focus on making sure that it is built in the best possible way, that is why the order that is reflected and also the rhythm with which the objects play in relation to the modulation held in hand make a facade unique and unrepeatable. Now what we hope is that in summary we understand how you can play with these tools to make in addition to a design a pleasant place for our own comfort.

Architectural plans of the first floor

Animación Arquitectónica, Animacion 3d, ArqyDiseño

Example of Architectural Plans Bogota set in floor plan of 2 houses on the first floor.

Architectural plans of the second floor

Animación Arquitectónica, Animacion 3d, ArqyDiseño

Example of Architectural Plans Bogota set in floor plan of 2 houses on the second floor.

Architectural plans of the third floor


Example of Architectural Plans Bogota set in floor plan of 2 houses on the third floor.

Architectural plans of houses in Bogota Arqydiseño

Architectural Plans Bogota Set Plans Arqydiseño

Benefits when designing with Arqydiseño

In Arqydiseño we focus on our client therefore in what he wants for his building, that is to say, to make the functional part something simple but unique and unrepeatable, we also give primary importance to the one who is going to live in his space in order to make him feel comfortable especially in the areas of the house, and feel proud to live there.


Diseño Arquitectónico vivienda

Example of Architectural Floor Plans Bogota, Ambient plans that are mainly used for sales rooms.


Diseño Arquitectónico

We design 3D projects, qualifying the space and also its sensory qualities, especially in internal and external heights.

Realistic picture

Animación Arquitectónica, Animacion 3d, ArqyDiseño

We bring your architectural project to life before building it and thus dimension it in its entirety with photo-realistic images.

360° immersion

Animación urbana torres

With our technology we make you live in your project with 360º spatial representation.

Virtual reality

Realidad virtual arquitectura vivienda

We bring your project to life by making realistic videos (virtual reality) or virtual tours that finally dimension the architectural features.

3D Printing

A 3D print will always be a very practical and clear way of representing a project, which is why it is one of our specialties.

Architectural Designs Arqydiseño

Helena Housing

Architectural design for housing located in Cota Cundinamarca, three-story homes, we make blueprints, interior and exterior renderings, and ambience.

Cesar Housing

Diseño Arquitectónico

Architectural design for housing, house Artillery Cota Cundinamarca, Plans, Renderings, Ambience, Architectural Marketing, Architectural animation.

Hummingbird store

Architectural design for colibri stores, Interior architectural renderings, exterior architectural renderings, and architectural plans.

Navarra Portal

Architectural design of 48 apartments and common areas, Interior and exterior renderings, architectural plans, architectural drawings, architectural animation, architectural animation.

Atlantic ship

Architectural design of a ship with Hospital function, Architectural plans, interior and exterior architectural renderings, architectural detail plans.


Architectural design of Benelux clothing store, Architectural plans, interior and exterior architectural renderings, architectural detail plans.

Architectural Design in Video

Architectural animation is a fundamental ingredient in a design since it is able to incorporate us in a design from the exterior as well as the interior, perceiving how this construction is going to be in real life to the extent of making us imagine that we are already living in this place, either by walking on the outside and feeling its architectural qualities or by entering the interior space and feeling its spatial qualities.

Animación urbana torres

We characterize ourselves in developing your project in all areas of design in order to make it one when representing it in plans, image, model or animation. We make your project comply with the functional conditions that go hand in hand with the harmony of an excellent architectural space.

360º rendering design

We develop the project to your liking


We represent your project in a functional design and architectural features of the latest Space standards.


We design the projects in their totality in a Bidimensional way, qualifying the space and its magnitude.


We bring your project to life before building it and thus dimension it in its entirety with photo-realistic images.

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