Render 3D and 2D Arqydiseño

A 2D and 3D rendering for Arqydiseño is a client’s dream come true in an image.

What is a Render?   

They are images that represent a product made in a three-dimensional file which are designed specialized programs for 3D

objects. 3D objects, these programs are able to see from any angle, which can be qualified from the most general to the

most particular. from the most general to the most particular. Normally these renderings are started with specific two

dimensional plans in which general plans such as floor plans, cuts, facades, these with measures and particular plans of

the detail to specify both qualities and materials of the project are visualized.

Rendering / 3D Image

It is a realistic image of a given project of which there are plans, sketches, materials, furniture and people who interact in it.

It is an image used for Architecture, Advertising, Furniture, for networks or installations, etc.

Rendering Facade implementation

Render 3d-Fachada-implantación

Rendering playground

Render de planta 3d superior

Rendering Facade Guajira

Render-Fachada 3d superior-P.G

How we do it

3D Exterior Rendering

First of all we make a 3d architectural survey image to see sizes and measures, to analyze the exterior and interior of the 3D image, before applying the materials to give importance to the objective.


Bogotá/Ciudad Montes

3D Interior Rendering


EE UU/Condominio sala New york

After the preliminary project in 3D image and lighting study we started to apply the materials for the final image and assign furniture for ambience and thus get to dimension the final space in a realistic way.

3d Plant Rendering

They are plans set in two dimensions where you can perceive from a superior view how the development of the spaces proposed in the architectural design will be, but with materials, furniture and people, people.


EE UU/Condominio New york

We develop the renderings to your liking


Render de fachada 3d proyecto Pereira Mirador Andino

Pereira/ Proyecto de vivienda

It is a 3D drawing or a photograph where the project is represented from a specific point or focus, usually this focus is defined in a plan or sketch in order to begin to extrude or lift the entire project in three dimensions.


Render Arqydiseño al mejor precio de alta calidad- Guajira Amaiwa

Guajira/ Proyecto residencial

It is a 3D image where you can see an entire floor type (representation of a floor that is repeated a number of times according to its height) showing its general characteristics of functionality such as paths or living spaces.


Render 3d-de-planta-EEUU-Miami...

Cundinamarca/apto tipo

A particular 3D photograph is a visual where you can perceive the spaces that were represented in an architectural design of a house, specifically the private area perceiving the route to the Holl and the bedrooms.

Renders 360

A 360 rendering is a panorama in an image that is taken at 360 degrees, just by moving the computer mouse you can direct it to the part you would like to see. which facilitates the visibility of a space throughout its environment by characterizing heights, furnishings, visibility, spatial and sensory qualities, etc.

These 360 renderings are called virtual reality in architecture, since with the union of these it is possible to visualize an entire building before building it, appreciating all its spaces and features. In this article we will give you some basic concepts for the realization of a 360 rendering from its construction and three-dimensional part to the realization of a final 360 rendering.

We are a visualization and architectural rendering company focused on architectural solutions since our forte among all our services is the realistic rendering, as it is an indispensable tool for the representation of our ideas.

Renders Arqydiseño

Renders 3d y Renders 2d

What programs we use to make the renderings


Sketchup is a totally intuitive program for 3d, it is very easy to handle to represent objects in 3d, from a simple house to a building, it is a very professional program, it handles very realistic plugins, very realistic renders.

3d Max

3d Max Studio is a specific program for the realization of three-dimensional objects, it is used for the realization of modeling of architectural projects, such as interior and exterior 3d realistic images.

Autocad 2d

With this program you can make architectural plans in 2d and 3d, 2d is the most used in architecture, for our study we use this program for specific plans whether architectural, structural.

Renders de planta 2d y Renders de planta3d 

Renders 3d arquitectónicos



Diseño Arquitectónico

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Diseño Arquitectónico



Diseño Arquitectónico