What is a render?

Render is a realistic image of a given project of which there are plans, sketches, materials, furniture and people that interact in it. Renderings are used for Architecture, Advertising Renderings, Furniture Renderings, Renderings for networks or installations, etc.

What programs are used to make the Renders



Sketchup is a fully intuitive 3D program, is very easy to use to represent 3D objects, in this one you can make a basic outline of what you want in a very short time, is a program in which you can draw whatever you can imagine, from a simple house to a building, it is also a very professional program, it handles very realistic plugins, very realistic renderings.


3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is a specific program for the realization of three-dimensional objects, it is used for the realization of models for interiors such as furniture, lamps, chairs, etc., it is also used for architectural projects as well as for interior 3D realistic images (living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.), as realistic outdoor 3D images (buildings, houses, warehouses, urban planning, etc.)



With this program you can make 2D architectural plans and it is the most used in architecture, in addition to 2D it can also be rendered in 3D to make interior 3D images or exterior 3D images. For our studio we use this program for specific architectural drawings, structural, installation and we modeled some projects in 3D.



With Revit we can dimension an entire project, from architectural drawings, structural plans, rendering plans, even interior and exterior renderings. In this program we can extrude renders but we can’t do 360 rendering so we can’t export only the 3d to another program.

How much a rendering can cost

The cost of a render in the market is between 300 to 550 USD. This value is defined by companies dedicated to 3D visualization that are in the architectural rendering market.

Arqydiseño renderings prices

Renders Arqydiseño

Render de fachada 3d proyecto Pereira Mirador Andino


It is an image where you can see an entire floor type (representation of a floor that is repeated a number of times according to its height) showing its general characteristics of functionality as paths or living spaces.


It is an image, photograph or rendering where the project is represented from a specific point or focus, normally this focus is defined in a plan or sketch in order to begin to raise the entire project in three dimensions.



A particular image is a visual where you can perceive the spaces that were represented in an architectural design of a house, specifically the private area perceiving the route to the Hall and the bedrooms.

360° rendering

Render Arqydiseño

Animated renderings

Artillery House

Ordonez Project

How we do it

Architectural Idea

  In the first place we provide support in the process of the idea, your initial diagrams or sketches we transform them into the main idea and in this way, we can start with the architectural design.

Professional support

Already having clear the objectives of the Architectural rendering we bring our knowledge to recreate your rendering in the best way and clearly represent your ideas.


After having the modeling of the architectural design, we proceed to recreate it with the materials, which help to see the color and dimension of the final rendered space.


Finally, having this realistic rendering of the project or idea, we will present some changes that can help to make the idea more accurate, so we have three opportunities to specify what we want to show.



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